024: Michael Kennedy - Finding Your Python

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Happy New Year! In this episode, we discuss everything from programming to AI to self-driving cars to entrepreneurship. Michael Kennedy is a technologist, podcaster, and entrepreneur that uses his tenacity and superpower to create growing businesses and teaching fellow podcasters and developers through his online courses and two podcasts.

Stuff from Episode:
What is Python?
What is eye tracking?
Google Glasses are coming back!
Hundred Dollar Startup
7-Day Startup
Plant Found by Google
Self-Driving Cars
Deep Learning
Can you call a machine a ‘being’?
What is Net Neutrality?

Movies mentioned: Matrix, Tron, Terminator 

“Try many, many ideas…experiment!” – Michael Kennedy

About Michael Kennedy
Michael is a technologist, podcaster, and entrepreneur. He is the host and founder of the two most popular Python podcasts: Talk Python to Me and Python Bytes. He teaches online courses for developers through his business Talk Python Training. Michael loves to help fellow podcasters and developers make their way in the world.

Contact Info
Twitter @mkennedy


Sponsor: Annie Weller, Business Coach & Consultant http://www.annieweller.com

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