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As a coach, consultant, author and motivational speaker, Annie is a leader within the Native American, LGBTQ and women entrepreneur and business communities. She has a special way of connecting with other small business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate executives to empower them to want to excel in both their professional and personal lives.

Annie experienced her own struggles growing up as a very poor urban Native American girl in a world that did not fit with her dreams and ideas. She was brought up with a nonexistent alcoholic father and a drug addicted mother. Annie knew that if she did not get an education and make her own path that she could end up in a similar situation as her parents. Annie pushed forward and started her first company at the age of 25.

Because of her experience, she truly understands that what you are feeling on the inside connects with what you are dealing with on the outside. But how do you connect the two in a thoughtful way? How does this connect with your business or starting your own business? How do you organize and motivate yourself to put your best foot forward every morning?

Overcoming many obstacles, Annie eventually became a small business owner, worked at one of the largest cellular network providers as an executive then finally finding her calling becoming a business coach and consultant. Through her work in the coaching and small business community, she gained an insider’s view to the issues that women of color and LGBTQ entrepreneurs face today. Her deep care and empathy for her community led to Annie becoming a certified coach and cofounding The Leadership Lab, a coaching nonprofit.

Following an increasing number of requests for support from small business owners across the nation, Annie started delivering inspiring and informational messages at events.

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Annie explores the art of delegation, how to get your 'kitchen' in order and how to use the proper tools to move your business to the next level. She also gives her own personal tools and tricks she has used to grow her businesses quickly and efficiently. 

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  • How to Build a Bad-Ass Pipeline
  • Learn the Habits of a Bad-Ass Sales Closer
  • Budget Like a Bad-Ass
  • Mid-Year Review in 10 Questions