025: Finding Your Motivation with Abigale Otchere

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In this episode, I have the amazing Abigale Otchere from the Motivational Mondays Podcast. She shares words of wisdom and inspiration from across the pond…in fact she is was in China when we recorded this episode! We discussed needing to find who we are and how to get motivated, finding strength and confronting challenges and our conversation reminded me of an episode with Sam the Therapist, Recognizing Strengths and Confronting Challenges.

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Stuff from Episode:
How to Bounce Back After Getting Laid Off
8 successful people share how not to find a mentor
History of BBC

Song mentioned: Kacey Musgraves - Silver Lining

"Everybody has a story…as coaches we are essentially trying to help redefine that story" - Abigale Otchere

About Abigale Otchere
Following a successful career in television as a producer and presenter, I pursued my life goal of becoming a coach which afforded me the opportunity to work in the UK but additionally, overseas in China as well. My life work encompasses speaking, writing, podcasting and supporting students and adults in schools around the themes of confidence, motivation, literacy and life skills.  Having experienced first-hand what it is like to feel stuck and lost - and having dramatically altered my life. I use the same strategies which have been a game changer for me thus, catapulting in me into becoming a higher, truer version of myself and more importantly liking the person who I've become. Today its these same expertise's I share with audiences and clients and literally watch them transform into the person they desire to be over time!

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Twitter ‎@abigaleotchere

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