023: Lee Weinstein - Write. Open. Act.

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Lee Weinstein is a former Nike public relations leader who is now an entrepreneur. He has worked for a United States congressman and an Oregon governor and served on numerous nonprofit boards of directors. Weinstein, president of PR Boutiques International—an association of 40 PR boutique agencies worldwide—is an experienced facilitator and frequent public speaker.

His article “The Restless Soul in the Bathroom Mirror,” about his career relaunch, which occurred because of this Intentional Life Planning approach, was published in The New York Times. He and Melinda own Weinstein PR, a boutique public relations agency based in Portland, Ore., and the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.

Lee's new book, “Write, Open, Act” is available starting December 1, 2018 on Amazon.com, Powells.com and writeopenact.com.

Lee attests to the power of writing things down: “It’s amazing: The simple act of writing goals or desires down—putting pen to paper— makes things happen. As airy-fairy as this sounds, it truly opens things up in the universe, and this process to develop your Intentional Life Plan will put things in motion for you.”


Sponsor: Annie Weller, Business Coach & Consultant http://www.annieweller.com
Produced and edited by Greg Nibler
Recorded at the Funemployment Radio Studios in beautiful Portland, Oregon

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