What's on Annie's mind this week? Plan! then Action!

bullet journal.jpg

My bullet journal saved my life...kind-of...let me explain. I was using so many other planners, made my own planner, took 3 planners and meshed them together, tried online programs and apps. Nothing really stuck and I felt like it was because I was organizationally broken. I felt lost, ashamed and was able to help my clients but I could not help myself. But I was not broken, I was just not happy with the organizational tools I was using or trying to use.

One of the big mistakes I kept on making was making myself use the system that I had purchased, even if it did not work. I kept buying journals, apps and even programs that kind-of fit me. When I look back I was trying to put a square peg in a round hole. Its not going to work and it just made me more frustrated.

My second mistake was I did not give myself enough time to get into the habit of organizing my day, life and my family. Habits can take a long time to completely sync in. For god sales it took me over a year to get in the habit of making my bed every day (I blame my childhood). I am still working on getting into my exercise and meditation habit which once I do it I love it, its just getting myself to do it. It takes time...take the time, let it sync in. 

Finally my biggest mistake was not allowing myself to fail gracefully. What I mean is that I beat the shit out of myself when I did not get what I needed out of XYZ program or that fancy journal. We all fail but we need to start to learn how to embrace our failures with grace and gratitude. If there is one thing I have learned out of my struggles to find the perfect organizational tool is that failure is not the end- it is the beginning.