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My Bad-Ass Masterclass Online Courses

Each of my one of my Masterclasses I have personally created so we can analyze your business, your life, your plan, and your leadership skills

Each Masterclass is designed to provide you with a detailed examination of each element of your business and life and how it will impact your personal, professional life and organization.

I have picked 5 of my most popular Masterclasses:

  • Business Assessment Masterclass
  • Budget Like a Bad-Ass
  • How to Build a Bad-Ass Pipeline
  • Learn the Habits of a Bad-Ass Sales Closer
  • Time Management for a Bad-Ass Entrepreneur

What you get:


DIY Online Course + Homework

  • goal-set for your present and future
  • learn the art of closing sales like a bad-ass
  • learn decision-making tactics that will save you money
  • establish a routine and manage your time
  • learn strategies and tactics to get your shit in order so your business will run like a business
  • each webinar comes with templates and homework to help you with your journey
  • I will give you my tool recommendations for helping you get organized

90 Minutes with Annie

Once a month I will have a LIVE 90-minute Q&A session for the entrepreneurs that have signed up for any webinar. Come to all or to just one.

  • get your questions personally answered by me
  • listen to other entrepreneurs challenges and wins
  • network with other bad-ass entrepreneurs
  • continue learning and get inspiration to push you out of your comfort zone

Because I know sometimes it takes more that one time to get into the habit or maybe you were not able to get your question answered the first time will have a life-time membership to my live Q&A sessions and to your webinar(s).

How much will this cost me?

One Bad-Ass Online Course


Bundle and Save!

Get ALL of my Bad-Ass Online Courses