Business Wheel Exercise

If you are going to be able to scale your business, and keep your sanity intact, you need to know which section you need to tackle first and identify which area will make the most impact quickly and efficiently.



Business Wheel Assessment

This assessment contains 8 areas that, together, represent one way of describing your whole business. This exercise measures your level of satisfaction and range of expression in these areas as a snapshot in time. As you work through this assessment you will find areas where you can acknowledge yourself for the success you have created and areas where you may want to improve your level of satisfaction.

Business Wheel Assessment Webinar

All businesses are comprised of inner, physical and financial values. Each piece of pie represents specific values that make up the DNA of your business, for example: the inner values of your business includes your vision, mission and team. These inner values are the core beliefs formed by an emotional connection or attachment. Why did you pick that team member? Why did you start your business in the first place...if you said for money, you are totally BS'ing yourself!

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