Entrepreneur Boot Camp & Retreat


My Boot Camp

I wanted to design a boot camp that will whip your business into shape!  

My boot camp is not a typical "teach you how to write a business plan and to take hard look at your financial needs and prospects".

This is a chance for you to address the heart of your business and to help to take your ideas and develop answer(s) to the tough question...how will I grow my business within the next year to it full potential. 

Over the next 6-months you will be learning:

  • Set up your Business Internal Systems for Success
  • Budget and Forecast like a Pro
  • Pre-Qualify yourself for an RFPs
  • Build a Bad-Ass Sales Pipeline
  • Network Smarter
  • Learn the Art of Leadership & Delegation

My Boot Camp is set up virtually and includes:

  • Monthly Virtual Training Session
  • Monthly Homework Assignment(s)
  • Monthly 1 Virtual Q&A Session
  • Monthly 1:1 Session
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My Boot Camp Retreat

After working virtually together for 6-months we will spend 3-days together.

During the boot camp retreat we will:

  • Create a Business Road Map 
  • Strategic Goal Set
  • Learn How to Network like a Superstar

Plus we will eat amazing food, discuss how our business are progressing, what we have learned over the past 6-months and learn how we can keep the momentum going.

Seating is limited to 5 spots!