What's on Annie's mind this week? Sales, Budget & Forecasting

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I did not grow up with wealth nor learning how to manage, budget or what money really meant to my livelihood. I grew up very poor with a mother that managed her money very, very poorly. She never budgeted, clipped coupons nor taught me how to take care of myself financially. Once I looked back at my childhood I understood why I had such a powerful relationship with money and wealth.

When I left home I quickly understood that:

  • Money is powerful
  • Money is a necessity
  • Money is frightening

If you have ever thought about how money completely dictates everything we do? Money gives us our basic needs: food, shelter, and clothing. That scares me...there is no way that money cannot be a major part of our lives...so why are you not building a healthy relationship with it?

I believe that through knowledge and discipline, financial peace is possible for all of us.
~Dave Ramsey

How do you build a healthy relationship? I will start by letting you know how I started to build a healthy relationship with money...I finally realized that I did not understand how to have a healthy relationship and learned through Suze Orman, my mother-in-law, financial advisors, Dave Ramsey...I sought out answers and then took that advice, spreadsheets, systems and customized it to make me happy and keep me in the habit of building my relationship with money, just like I would with any relationship.

This week I will be discussing and building with my workshop participants sales, budgets and forecasting along with why this will help with their personal finances. Yes, most of the business finance reporting, budgeting I do corresponds with my personal finances and not just because I am employees.

Come join me to learn more, I have 4 seats left