What's on Annie's mind this week? Mission, Vision & the A-Team


So you completed the business wheel and you found out that your business wheel is not a 'wheel' but a weird triangle - hexagon, with one round-ish side. That is ok, we are all there with you and sometimes we never have a complete round wheel hauling butt down the road. If your wheel is a perfectly round, then you do not have a business...you have a hobby.

Why would I say such an awful thing? You have a business that is growing, you are working full time in your business and its becoming profitable but you still haven't hired anyone to help you step out of the everyday tasks...you have not figured out how to delegate tasks or certain aspects of your business so you could concentrate on business development to grow your business into the million dollar company you know it could be.

Why would I say such an awful thing...because your business should always be evolving, growing and having growing pains along with successes. And the only way your business can grow is by having have curves, bumps and hexagons. 

"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people." -Steve Jobs

What does you mission and vision have in common with building your A-Team, former members of a fictitious United States Army Special Forces unit. Well, even the A-Team had a mission and vision that stemmed from their time together in Vietnam where they were members of the 5th Special Forces Group...Colonel Morrison gave orders for them to rob a bank to bring the war to an end. Their mission was to bring the Vietnam War to an end but then they became imprisoned in Fort Bragg and escaped and then their mission became soldiers of fortune, which is a nice way to say they were hired guns for hire.

But even the A-Team had a mission and vision, and I know a lot of business owners I meet say they already have a mission and vision...but do you really? I know that I 'thought' I understood what my business mission was and the vision of what I wanted my company to look like but I did not comprehend the importance of it for the rest of my team! Yes, by conveying your mission, your vision of your business it will help grow your team, bring sanity to daily tasks and when times are rough will bring you back to why you are working so hard.

To help others with their 2018 journey I will be sharing short free webinars going over my Business Wheel Exercise during the entire month of January...I hope these webinars can help you as much as it has helped me and my clients over the past few years. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions!